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AI Trade Mission to Boston with Prime Minister Mark Rutte

AIRecht.nl lawyers Mauritz Kop and Suzan Slijpen joined the Dutch AI trade mission to Boston, Massachusetts led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Bruno Bruins. It was a big success. We visited leading companies in health care, climate, and robotics and AI and participated in high quality meetings and events at -inter alia- Harvard Wyss Institute, MIT, IBM Watson, Amazon Robotics, Humatics and Philips Healthworks R&D HQ USA.

AI-Chefsache interview

During debriefing at the Museum of Fine Arts & Koch Gallery, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Mauritz Kop reflected on AI becoming Chefsache, the concept of Trustworthy AI, exporting European ethical values to the USA via the Dutch AI Impact Assessment (ECP), and building a strong and vibrant AI ecosystem in The Netherlands.

AIRecht.nl website included in IBM Watson presentation

We were honoured and thrilled to see that Nicola Palmarini, Global Manager AI for Healthy Aging IBM Research - MIT/IBM Watson AI Lab Cambridge and Tedx Speaker, included our AIRecht.nl website in his presentation about the moral, legal and ethical implications of AI, at IBM Watson Health Experience Centre.

Building on shared expierences

Learning and building on shared experiences is a two way street. During the mission, we gathered knowledge of the technological state of the art in Robotics & AI. We shared our own latest research insights on AI & IP, open access, public domain and ethics that facilitate innovation with influential academic institutions and ambitious, frontrunning entrepreneurs. This blog contains a photo report of our economic mission to the beautiful city of Boston.

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Transparantie en uitlegbaarheid van AI algoritmes

Tijdens het Platform ECP event ‘Transparantie en uitlegbaarheid van AI algoritmes’ gaf AIRecht Managing Partner en lid van de Werkgroep Kunstmatige Intelligentie Mauritz Kop op 27 juni 2019 in Den Haag een korte presentatie over de eerste Europese AI Alliance Conferentie te Brussel, en de aldaar door HLEG Chair Pekka Ala-Pietilä aan EU Commissaris Mariya Gabriel gepresenteerde Policy and Investment Recommendations for Trustworthy AI.

Policy and Investment Recommendations for Trustworthy AI

De Policy and Investment Recommendations for Trustworthy AI van de onafhankelijke High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG) bevatten 33 punten, waaronder 11 key takeways die Europese Artificiële Intelligentie naar duurzaamheid, groei en competitiveness moeten leiden. Best practices en Codes of Conduct zoals het ECP AI Impact Assessment spelen in daarin een prominente rol.

Succesvolle eerste Europese AI Alliance Assembly in Brussel

De HLEG kan terugkijken op een succesvolle eerste editie van de Europese AI Alliantie Conferentie in Brussel, die gehouden werd op 26 juni 2019. Tijdens de Assembly - die ook online werd gestreamd - werden de nieuwste prestaties in het AI-beleid en de toekomstperspectieven van de Europese strategie voor kunstmatige intelligentie besproken (i.e. sociale, mensgerichte AI die fundamentele rechten en vrijheden respecteert), inclusief de impact ervan op onze economie en samenleving.

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