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Artificiële Intelligentie & Recht (AI and Law) is a boutique legal consultancy firm with a focus on robotica, blockchain and machine learning implementations with lawyers specializing in sectors such as the Farmaceutical, eHealth, Food & Feed, Consumer Electronics, Marketing, Retail, Energy, Transportation & Logistics, Travel, Automotive and Entertainment industries. Legal pioneers in deep learning, smart contract, extended reality and cognitive computing.

About Us

Artificiële Intelligentie & Recht - AI and the Law

AIRecht is a leading legal consultancy firm with a focus on 4th Industrial Revolution technology. Our laywers anticipate on transformative science such as Artificial Intelligence, smart robotics, quantum computing, IoT, cognitive brain-inspired computing, nature-inspired solutions and big data.

We represent clients from modest tech startups to globally operating multinationals.

As legal pioneers in AI deployment and AI policy making, our mission is to remove obstacles to trade, production and investment in robust, social and reliable AI and to maximize intellectual property on AI input and output in an ethically responsible manner.


Our lawyers specialize in sectors such as the Farmaceutical, eHealth, Food & Feed, Consumer Electronics, Marketing, Retail, Energy, Transportation & Logistics, Travel, Automotive and Entertainment and Video Game industries.

About Us | Legal Consultancy Firm | AI Robotica and the Law

About Us | Legal Consultancy Firm | AI Robotica and the Law

Legal consultancy services

We consult and represent our clients in the niche field of AI, blockchain, cloud computing, internetlaw and computerlaw at a national, European and international level. The legal and proactive lawyering services we offer in the area of AI and robotica law cover issues such as performing an AI Impact Assessment, software licensing, commodification of smart products and drones in the Internet of Things (IoT), drafting and screening international business contracts, smart contracts, algorithmic accountability, privacy requirements for the GDPR in big data, distributed ledger and deep learning implementations, patents, trade secrets, and intellectual property law.

AIRecht is a leading law firm with a focus on the legal side of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotica and Big Data. Our laywers are frontrunners in legal aspects of technological game changers such as AI, blockchain, extended reality (XR), 3D printing, nano-engineering and cognitive computing.


mr. Mauritz Kop advised the European Parliament about the Copyright Reform (online platforms, tech startups, market entry) and the Digital Single Market, teaches intellectual property law at University and Symposia, is a member of the Vereniging voor Auteursrecht (VvA), the European AI Alliance, CLAIRE (Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe) and the ECP|Platform for the Information Society. He studied intellectual property law and contract law at Stanford Law School, Maastricht University and VU (Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam.

mr. Mauritz Kop recently published a peer reviewed research article: ‘AI & Intellectual Property: Towards an Articulated Public Domain’. The article offers an accessible, relatively compact Artificial Intelligence (AI) & IP overview analysis and introduces the legal concept of Res Publicae ex Machina (Public Property from the Machine). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3409715

mr. Suzan Slijpen teaches European food & feed law, legal aspects of biotechnology and GMO at Symposia and University, and is a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Levensmiddelenrecht (NVLR) and the Vereniging Farma en Recht (VFenR). She specializes in Pharmaceutical law, Cosmetics, Foodlaw and Consumer law. Suzan studied European private law at Utrecht University and was awarded with the prestigieus Molengraaff Institute prize best thesis of 2015.

Pharmaceutical Law, GMP & API's

In the area of Pharmaceutical Law, we offer services regarding issues such as traceability, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), good distribution practices, permit requirements, patents, product safety and product liability, environmental safety, medicine packaging, national and international quality standards, licenses for pharmaceutical manufacturers, pricing policy, AI-systems in healthcare, eHealth, smart wearables, medical software licenses, care robots, health apps and competition law.

Contract Law

Are you seeking legal advice or help regarding contracts and contractual relationships, contractual requirements, laws and regulations concerning algorithms, blockchain, cloud computing, machine learning, cognitive computing, robot law, privacy policies and regulations, ethical issues, terms of service or intellectual property? Feel free to contact us using the contact form below!


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